Technical Support

Technical Support

Walz provides free support and software updates for all products. Our scientific staff and engineers provide knowledgeable assistance from operating our instruments for the very first time, to in-depth hardware and software troubleshooting and guidance.

We are committed to continuously improving our systems and welcome all opportunities to learn about the specific requirements of our clients. Our systems advance through the feedback we receive from our users. Just call or send us an e-mail.

Phone: +49-(0)9133/7765-0
E-mail: Contact Form

Shipping Batteries/Chemicals

Battery and chemical shipments are subject to safety regulations. Please take a look at the instrument table and download the required Data and MSDS sheets.

DATA_and_MSDS (PDF-File 96 KB)

Further information of Li-Ion battery shipment via airways is provided by the International Air Transport Association`s Lithium Battery Guidance Document.

Lithium-Battery-Guidance (PDF-File 1.13 MB)

Battery Table

Many Walz instruments use standard battery types that are available all around the world. If you need a spare battery for a Walz instrument please take a look at the battery table where Walz instruments and their batteries are compiled.

Battery Table (PDF-File 136 kB)

Shipping CO2 Cartridges

Because of safety regulations, CO2 cartridges cannot be sent by any air delivery shipping method. Please use compatible CO2 cartridges: Height, 65 mm. Body diameter, 18 mm. Neck diameter, 8.7 mm. Puncture depth, 0.25 mm.

We recommend soda chargers from ISI GmbH, Wien which are provided by many supermarkets.

Walz Mail Group

If you want us to keep you posted on product developments, software updates and Walz scientific communications, please join the “Walz Mail Group”.


WALZ offers one day of free training on the instrument at the company's seat (Effeltrich, Germany) for owners of the following devices: DUAL-PAM-100, GFS-3000, IMAGING-PAM M-Series, MULTI-COLOR-PAM, PAM-2500, and PHYTO-PAM-II. This offer is valid within two years after instrument purchase and is limited to two persons per instrument. WALZ will offer lunch and take care of hotel transfer. Attendees will bear costs for traveling, accommodation and other meals. Our hotel recommendation is Mountain Inn Hötzelein ( Get in touch with us if you are interested.