Manuals & Documentation

Instruction manual for PHYTO-PAM-II
PDF-File (2.3 MB)

Manual for Temperature Control Unit US-T
PDF-File (1 MB)

PDF-File (828 KB)

Software PhytoWin-3

PC software PhytoWin V3.t99b (Windows 8 and 10, not suitable for 32-Bit operating system)
EXE-File (25.6 MB)

not suitable for PHYTO-PAM (Predecessor Model)

MODULAR Version and FIBER Version

Manuals & Documentations

Instruction manual for PHYTO-PAM
PDF-File (1.3 MB)

Instruction manual for PAR measurements of thin fiberoptics
PDF-File (670 kB)

Software PhytoWin V2.13

PC software PhytoWin V2.13 (Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7 and 8) EXE-File (5 MB)
Please read the installation note carefully before software installation!

Installation note for PC software PhytoWin
PDF-File (130 kB)

Windows XP SP2 requires PhytoWin software version V2.10 and PHYTO-PAM instrument (EPROM) software version 010106. EPROM version can be checked with Phy_info.exe