Universal Control Unit

The PAM-CONTROL unit can conduct independently PAM fluorescence measurements but it can also act as physical interface between fluorometer and computer using WinControl V. 2 software.

The PAM-CONTROL unit is specialized to operate various extremely sensitive setups for chlorophyll fluorescence measurements: the MICROSCOPY-PAM, the MICROFIBER-PAM and the WATER-PAM.


Common to these three setups is the use of the same light-emitting-diodes (LED) as sources of measuring and actinic light, as well as for saturation pulses. Also, all setups use ultrasensitive photomultipliers: as a consequence, they are not suited for operation in the presence of non-modulated background light which would interfere with chlorophyll yield determinations.

The capacity of data storage comprises 4000 data sets. An extensive menu provides full control of instrumental settings and a variety of measuring protocols.