Working Fiber MF-F

For fluorescence measurements, one of the fibers opposite to the LED/photomultiplier fibers is placed in close contact to the sample, providing output of excitation light and input of fluorescence. Also, this fiber can be connected to a “working fiber” (MF-F) which is a single fiber with one free end of 100 μm diameter. The free end can be pulled out to a tapered tip of 10 to 30 μm. By means of a micromanipulator, this tip can advanced into different layers of plant tissues to measure photosynthesis gradients. Similarly, light attenuation within a sample can be assessed using a pointed working fiber.

Green (MF-L520) and Red (MF-L630
and MF-L650) Measuring Light LEDs

Fluorescence excitation by blue light is inefficient in many cyanobacteria. Therefore, we offer two types of red LEDs for studies of cyanobacteria using the MICROFIBER-PAM. Also, green measuring light is available for excitation of some carotenoids and phycoerythrin.