Gas Exchange

Measuring systems for assessing gas-exchange of plants were the first products of the Heinz Walz GmbH. While the first instruments were contained in man-sized boxes and connected to plant chambers with volumes of several liters, the systems have become more and more miniaturized over the years.

The present portable instruments require just a few square centimeters of leaf surface for highly accurate and reliable measurements.

From the beginning, the Heinz Walz GmbH favored an ”open“ gas-exchange measuring system, in contrast to the systems of other companies. In an open system design, an air stream of known gas composition is constantly passed through the leaf chamber, while in a closed system design, the sample is enclosed in a sealed chamber that is not resupplied with fresh air. Over the years, this open measuring system has generally become the preferred method.

The entire product line of gas-exchange measuring equipment includes complete systems as well as numerous accessories, which can be applied independently in various applications. These include gas-exchange chambers, gas mixing units, cold traps, dew point mirrors and special lighting units.