Gas Mixing Units

In photosynthesis research, plants are exposed to gas mixtures with different carbon dioxide or oxygen concentrations.

For such purpose, we offer gas mixing units (GMA) for the mixing of CO2 with CO2-free air and nitrogen. The GMA units are reliable and convenient.


The major differences between the instrument-versions lie in the flow range and in the set-up of the nitrogen path.

GMA-2        |   Flow range: 0.5-5 l/min

GMA-3/10   |   Flow range: 1-10 l /min

GMA-3/20   |   Flow range: 2-20 l /min

GMA-4/10   |   Flow range: 1-10 l /min,
additional flow controller for nitrogen

GMA-4/20   |   Flow range: 2-20 l /min,
additional flow controller for nitrogen