WinControl-3 Software

General Features and Graphical User Interface

The WinControl-3 software represents the latest version of the WinControl software family. Presently, WinControl-3 operates the MONITORING-PAM, MINI-PAM-II, DIVING-PAM-II and JUNIOR-PAM fluorometers, PAM-CONTROL operated instruments (WATER-PAM, MICROSCOPY-PAM and MICROFIBER-PAM) as well as the Universal Light Meter ULM-500.

Different from its predecessors, WinControl-3 can handle very long periods of data acquisition.


Data Evaluation

Saturating pulse analysis with automatic detection and calculation of standard fluorescence parameters: Fo, Fm, Fo’ (measured or calculated), Fm’, Fv/Fm, qP, qL, qN, NPQ, Y(II), Y(NPQ), Y(NO), ETR.

Automated Routines

Repetitive triggering of many fluorometer functions (e.g., dark-light induction and dark recovery curves) by adjustable clock.

Light Response Curves (Rapid Light

Automatic execution of light exposure protocols and fitting of two different model functions to data of light response experiments.

Data Export

Export in CSV (comma-separated values) format of original fluorescence traces, saturating pulse analysis data and parameter estimates of light response curves.

Customer-defined Measuring Protocols

Execution of customized experimental procedures using easily programmable batch files.