The FLOW THROUGH version of the WATER-PAM has a water-proof emitter-detector unit exhibiting a transparent window through which measuring and actinic light is emitted.

Fluorescence detection occurs through another transparent window at right angles with the window for light emission. The optical windows are positioned within a black cylinder with inlet and outlet connections.

The two connections permit continuous fluorescence monitoring when a commercial water pump is connected to the outlet and a sampling hose placed in the reservoir to be examined.

Because of its capacity for continuous analysis, the major applications of FLOW THROUGH version are in the field of limnology, oceanography, water management and drinking water monitoring.


The FLOW THROUGH version is equipped with either red (WATER-FT/R) or blue LEDs (WATER-FT). The former configuration is suited for detection of cyanobacteria with weak absorption in the blue, the latter one exhibits particularly low background signals and can be used when green algae or diatoms are to be analyzed.

Additional light sources for specific excitation of photosystem I are omitted because of too short residence times of samples in front of the emission detection window.