Spherical Micro Quantum Sensor

Submersible PAR sensor for calibration of the internal actinic light list. The sensor can be inserted through a special port of the optical compartment of the FLOW THROUGH unit. For measurements, the data line of the sensor is connected to the PAM-CONTROL unit. For detailed sensor information see US-SQS/L.

Benchtop Adapter WATER-FT/SK

The FLOW THROUGH version of the WATER-PAM can be converted in a benchtop fluorometer using the WATER-FT/SK accessory. The emitter-detector unit of the FLOW THROUGH version can be fixed in upright orientation using the base cylinder of the WATER-FT/SK accessory. The top cylinder of the WATER-FT/SK encircles the measuring chamber containing the emission and detection windows. The measuring chamber is closed by a special cover. A holder mounted above the emission window of the emitter-detector unit permits easy positioning of a round fluorescence cuvette (WATER-K).