General Features


The MULTI-COLOR-PAM provides 6 colors of pulse-modulated measuring light (400, 440, 480, 540, 590 and 625 nm) and 5 colors of actinic light (440, 480, 540, 590, 625). In addition, white (420-640 nm) and far-red light (730 nm) light sources are built in.

By employing state-of-the-art LED light sources in combination with elaborated chip-on-board technology, strong actinic photon fluxes are achieved while keeping the emitter unit highly compact. Each measuring light color can be freely combined with one of the available actinic light sources.


The MULTI-COLOR-PAM detects fluorescence by a highly sensitive photodiode attached to either an optical unit for suspensions or for leaves. A spherical or flat cosine-corrected sensor feeds its signal directly to the MULTI-COLOR-PAM control unit so that accurate PAR measurements can be obtained in suspension or at leaf surfaces. A special routine is provided to measure PAR-lists for all colors automatically.

The MULTI-COLOR-PAM detects effective PS II quantum yield, Y(II), with outstanding accuracy and, thus, enables highly reliable calculations of relative electron transport rates (rel. ETRmax) even with extremely stressed samples.