STAND-ALONE Configuration

The STAND-ALONE configuration of the AQUATIC version of the MONITORING-PAM is suited for long-term monitoring of chlorophyll fluorescence at water depths down to 75 m. The system consists of the waterproof battery-powered data acquisition system MONI-DA/S, the PC interface MONI-IB1/S, and up to seven waterproof emitter-detector heads MONI-HEAD/S.

The MONI-DA/S runs for more than 4 weeks on battery with seven MONI-HEAD/S connected and a saturation pulse interval of 15 minutes. Data are logged on an internal ring buffer and on a non-removable microSD card. Data are transferred from the MONI-DA/S to a computer via the interface MONI-IB1/S. Unlike the MONI-DA of the TERRESTRIAL version, wireless data transfer is not feasible underwater.