Functional Schematic


The blue light is passed through a short-pass filter transmitting only at wavelengths below 600 nm (MF-L470). The LED is coupled via ST connection to one fiber of the four-port fiber optic coupler, MF-2-2-100. To the parallel fiber of the MF-2-2-100 coupler, the photomultiplier (PM-MF) is attached using an adapter.

The adapter for the photomultiplier is part of the MICROFIBER-PAM adapter set, MF-A. The MF-A adapter set also includes a holder for the blue LED and three additional LEDs.

The photomultiplier is shielded against the blue LED light by long-pass filters transmitting light only at wavelength greater than 640 nm. Without these filters, and face to face orientation of the tips of the two output fibers, the photomultiplier predominantly detects the blue measuring light transmitted between output fibers (compare figures).

Obviously, a lightabsorbing sample placed between the fiber tips reduces the blue light intensity reaching the photomultiplier. Hence, when the MICROFIBER-PAM is configured to detect measuring light, the degree of light attenuation by a sample can by assessed from the photomultiplier signal.


Both, LED and photomultiplier are connected to PAM-CONTROL unit. The PAM-CONTROL unit is delivered with WinControl V.2-Software for operation by Windows computers, an RS 232 cable, a USB-RS 232 adapter (in case that an RS-232 port is not available), a charger MINI-PAM/L, a cable to connect a chart recorder and a transport box.

Further, a stand (ST-101) is included in the BLUE version of the MIRCOFIBER-PAM.