General Features


The DIVING-PAM-II fluorometer permits examinations of photosynthesis down to 50 m water depth. All functions of the instrument can be controlled by 10 infrared reflection switches situated inside a transparent, cylinder-shaped housing. A new feature is the energy-saving B/W screen which displays instrument status and measured data. The transflective screen is readable even under sunlight. For long-term assessment of photosynthesis, the instrument can also be operated by a computer via a special underwater cable.

The innovative Miniature Spectrometer MINI-SPEC, being part of the basic DIVING-PAM-II system, adds a new level of information to studies of photosynthesis. The MINI-SPEC measures spectra of PAR, which are known to vary significantly with water depth. The device also permits spectral analyses of reflectance and fluorescence emission of a sample. Also new is an internal PAR sensor which continuously records the intensity of the internal light source of the DIVING-PAM-II.


Miniature spectrometer for PAR measurement, spectral information on PAR and reflectance

Wireless LAN for convenient data download at experimental site

Graphical and alphanumerical display by low-power consuming transflective B/W screen

High power LED for actinic light and saturation pulses. Far red LED for PS I excitation.

Advanced pressure and temperature sensor

High capacity battery for more than 1,300 PS II yield measurements. Flash memory for more than 27,000 saturation pulse analyses

Continuous monitoring of internal light intensity by built-in PAR sensor

Automatic calculation of all relevant parameters of saturation pulse analysis

Accessories included in the basic system:
1.5 m flexible fiber optics, miniature spectrometer, distance clip, dark leaf clips, surface holder, PC Interface Box, battery charger, USB cable, 5 m underwater cable, WinControl-3 software packed in a rugged outdoor transport case

In dry environment, accessories of the MINI-PAM-II fluorometer can be operated in conjunction with the DIVING-PAM-II.