Miniature Magnetic Stirrer

Based on rotating magnetic field; connecting to Power-and-Control Unit PHYTO-C; with special adapter plug to be mounted in bottom port of Optical Unit ED-101US/MP controlled by the Power-and-Control Unit PHYTO-C.

Spherical Micro Quantum Sensor

Spherical micro quantum sensor with 3 mm Ø diffusing sphere coupled to 1 mm Ø single plastic fiber connected via ST-fiber coupler with amplifier box (battery-powered); featuring special holder for mounting on standard cuvettes of PHYTO-PAM and WATER-PAM; to be connected to AUX-input of Power-and-Control Unit PHYTO-C; can be operated alternatively in conjunction with the ULM-500 Universal Light Meter.

Temperature Control Unit US-T

The US-T unit consists of a heat-transfer head with a cooling/heating Peltier element, and a separate power-and-control unit. The heat-transfer head is mounted on top of a Walz optical unit (ED-101US-type) so that the dip of the rod is in touch with the suspension investigated. The achievable temperature spread in suspensions is about 30 K; absolute temperatures depend on ambient temperature.

Download the manual for detailed information.

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Quartz Glass Cuvette US-K1/US-K0

The standard 10 x 10 mm cuvette US-K1 is already provided in the Optical Unit ED-101US/MP of the MODULAR version. For very difficult samples it might be beneficial to use the US-K1 cuvette with one side mirrored.